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Galloping Horse @ Soft Opening - 31st January 2014

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Picture's Day

Well, not really. My mind is not so efficient in writing anything today, so I just post some pictures. An enthusiastic blogger will always update his blog, no matter what. But, even uploading these pictures have really got on my nerves. Well, here it goes.

UTP Chancellor Complex Mr. Ridhuan (foundation second semester English lecturer) said that it should be "Complex of Chancellor" in which it is more grammatically correct.

Academic Blocks

Most visited place in UTP

Chindian in January 2008 (PETRONAS Appreciation Dinner)

Chindian in July 2008 (Chinese Gathering)

Chindian in January 2009

Last Chindian gathering, for January 2009

These two went to Pangkor during Valentine

Chua, me, Laura - Admin building - RCH paper work

STE (March 2009)

My birthday card for this year


Get stalked mamak-ing at V5, at 2am.

Big Apple donuts

Coffee bean (I prefer Starbucks)

Jenga Tower

Sarawak Laksa
Just have one this morning. I like this over Penang Laksa. Just like Penang people prefer Penang Laksa other than any laksa. :)

Teh C-peng special
To friends that are coming to Bintulu in this coming trip, wondering where you all would like to go.

Oh ya! Daddy bought a new handphone. So, I will be using his old N70. I know it is a bit outdated but at least it is still functioning. And, it has 3G capability which supports video call. I have just upgraded my celcom number too. So, anyone, you can video call if you feel want to. =)


... said...

i have ..many times..but don't worry..ur not least not yet..haha. was it me?? no insult for the never u thing jz tht i meant it in the molly way??! ahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha

Steward Baba said...

I am not sure who is this.

And, no, it is not her, mind you.

... said...

seriously u dunno who i m??
click on th user profile n follow the links tht follow..haha
have fun bitchy b. haha. sorry for any insults caused

Steward Baba said...

The link links to nowhere.

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

well i'd rather it to be called the chancellory. hehe