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Galloping Horse @ Soft Opening - 31st January 2014

Friday, May 29, 2009

Little Update

My new pet dog, which makes her the third pet in my family. Her name is Ruby, our first ever female pet dog. Still two months old, I guess. Loves to bark, for no reason. A very pampered little puppy, I would say. Dog grows up so fast. She may be friendly with me now but after my next come back, she will not recognise me anymore.

Keep on listening to this Korean song, Nobody by Wonder Girls. I start to explore more about Korean music at the moment. I don't understand what are they singing but I find that their music is kind of nice.

Tomorrow will be going back to my long house for Gawai. Will blog about it if I could. Stay tuned. :)

OO..... HA!


WK Chua said...

Waa..interesting visit. I never knew some of the traditions like dancing around ranyai exist until I read your post. How do you know which mushroom is not poisonous? I thought brightly coloured mushrooms are considered dangerous to be consumed. Is 'Ari' a word for Hari in Iban? Anyway, cool and insightful post. Too bad there's no video clip of you dancing the 'ngajat'. hehheh

Steward Baba said...

Well, my parents thought so too. My grandparents just know it is safe to eat them. but, we never know. I am still alive tho, coz I have eaten lots of it. :D

Yup, "ari" is "hari" in Iban. In Iban, we don have "h".

No, I din dance at all. mind you.. :P

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