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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Saw this comment in my chatbox. Seems like someone really reads my blog. She already asked me to update even though I have not updated just for one day. Okay, here's the update, Liang Yi. Nothing much though.

Today suppose to be my lovely day since I was having Differential Equations paper. I was well-prepared (I think) for the test. When I was looking through the question paper, I thought it should be an easy paper. BUT, when it come to do the questions, my nightmare began. I even couldn't integrate the first question! I was like, "oh dear, how come can I forget that?". Proceed to the subsequent question, same problem. From the very first moment, the beginning of the paper, I was already traumatized by the failure of doing the integration and the whole situation was tense. I get psychotic. I felt hot even it was so cold inside the Chancellor Hall.

For the first time in my life, I left my questions unanswered, at least for Maths paper. I am so down and disappointed of myself. I am not sure I was overconfident something. I did do my revision. Doing some exercises. My other friends also complaint the paper was hard, it did make me feel better since everyone is having the same situation. Still, this does not erase this feeling from my heart. I feel bad. I feel ashamed, at some point. I am sad. I feel so sorry for my Maths teacher back in high school, especially my Add Maths teacher.

Just to be positive, all I know is that I have done my very best for it. I am not giving up, at least even though there is some devil in me that tempts me to. Thank God, I don't fall for it. Just let it be, don't look back. Look ahead. Remind myself to be strong and bear with everything.

One paper to go and I'm done with my first year first semester studies. Overall, I would say, I have gone all way out for this semester. For the upcoming semester, I will do more. This is a promise for myself. I want more change, positive change. All the best to everyone.

*Although thing does not go on as I expected I want it to be, I am glad that this won't change anything. I am contented. Your unexpectedness always made my day, that means world to me.

**Will go to Ipoh for the last time before heading back home. After 5 days or more of "booking", should have some "Ipoh-ing" to relax our strained mind.

***To all the teachers in the world,

Thanks for the light.
Thanks for the guidance.
Thanks for the direction.
Thanks for the motivation.
Thanks for the care.
Thanks for everything.
Without you, I won't be who I am now.


liangyi said...


Laura said...

Baba...don sad..i also don know how to do...

WK Chua said...

Ya lor, at least you still love Math, and you are always our CE Math king! XD

Steward Baba said...

liangyi: yes? anything...

Laura: Hmm.. I am okay dy. I am now looking forward, not backward. =D

Chua: I never declare myself as Maths King. This title is the one that gives me pressure, you know. xD