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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Done with Oil & Gas

Done. Finally I'm done, with Oil and Gas! After being dragged by the Energy Game and test, at last I could feel relief, well, a bit since final exam is on its way. At least I can have enough rest, sleep especially to energize to start my hard work tomorrow. Only sleep for 2 hours this morning. Blame Oil & Gas for that. Read so much is pointless and worthless, feel like have wasted the whole night for nothing. Should have gone for sweet dream. Feel so sleepy now, actually.

My mind is now blank. I have some thought in mind to blog about but it just, varnishes. Guess it was washed away with all those oil & gas thingy altogether.

Will write more when I am inspired. Peace.

*Liang Yi, thanks for the ice-cream treat. :)

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