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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Organic Chemistry

Nucleophilic Substitution
Addition Reactions
Aromatic Compound and its Reactions
Acids & Bases.

Interesting chapters, actually. It is kind of fascinating to read all those mechanisms in which the reactant is converted to become products. Really salute the chemists who manage to identify all those microscopic reactions. Steps by steps. Transition states. Intermediates. Carboncation. What else?

BUT, when it comes to tests and final exam, I start to, not to say hate, just a bit detest because I don't know how does this knowledge help me in future career. It is not that I will get a promotion if I tell my boss that benzene is an unsaturated compound but it undergoes substitution instead of addition as it has to sustain its sixtet pi electron arrangement to remain stable after the reaction. So what? Being tested for something that is not applicable is somehow annoying. Well, studying for grade, anyone?

The paper will be tomorrow evening. Although I have gone through every chapter, I am still not well-prepared for it. Still have to do lots of recap. Wish me luck, wish all my friends luck. After tomorrow, no more Organic Chemistry! Cheers for that.

This is Benzene, everyone.
One of the members for aromatic compounds. Interesting structures. Awesome mechanisms.
Just don't like being tested, that's all.


在那角落。。。 said...

jia you~~
wish me gud luck for programming n ipsp...
u only 1 subj die.. i 2 die

Steward Baba said...

Thanks. Haiz.. want the time to pass by as soon as possible to get it over.

All the best to you also. You can do it. =)

Chiang Jinn said...

i hate organic chemistry!!!!

Steward Baba said...

Cannot hate. Otherwise, you cannot score. Try to love it, as I am trying to. :D

... said...

chemistry is useless n u know it.\
hate it
or hate urself
good luck for tomro