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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Critical Moment

At last, 5.30pm of 13 May 2009 marks the end of Organic Chemistry in my life, I hope. Not minding about the result, yet, now I feel nothing except for a huge relief that I have gone through all those critical moment. Somehow I won't get "A" for this paper and I know I won't just get. How sad to know about that. The questions just now is not really tough. In fact, it is way easier than I thought. What to do? Think too much about it and everything just goes jumbles up. Don't care already. (well, after the result is out, I will really don't care anymore!)

The drama is just about to begin. Tomorrow will be MORAL STUDIES paper, another unnecessary paper. I am not sure what is running in his mind, what does he exactly want. It's like if you don't fulfill his criteria, you are out of the game. Meaning to get that "A". Studying just for the sake of grade, merely grade. I am kind of sick already. As what I learn from Moral Studies, some reformation needs to be done so that the system is more generally accepted so that I won't be doing something that is opposing my intrinsic motivation which will make me feeling uneasy about it. That is not a good thing.

Off to study mode. May be.

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