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Friday, May 22, 2009

New Layout

It took half of my day to do a make over for my blog today. This humble blog is almost one year old and guess it is about time to add some fresh elements to the layout. I get this layout from here.

There are lots of templates available and finally I decided to use this one. Like the theme music and also the font, Georgia. Don't know why, this particular font fascinates me. Unfortunately, the standard font used in writing report is either ARIAL or TIMES NEW ROMAN, which is so monotonous. And also, I have changed my blog name, in which I think will be my default name for this blog ever since. It fits perfectly. :)

Just a reminder for you: If you wish to change your layout, do remember to keep your link list first because my link list varnishes after I changed my layout. I need time to relink everyone's blog. That is the one that takes lots of my time just now. If your blog is not in my link list, do tell me. I will add as soon as possible.

Have been at home for 2 days now and so far, I have done nothing yet. This morning I just went to JPN to renew IC since I no longer looked the same when I was 12 years old: lesser hair and more pimples. The imigression officer won't allow me to pass by later on. Anyway, I do have some planning this 2 months holiday.

1. I think it is about time to take my car license. I don't even get my "L" yet. I also want to drive when I am back to UTP afterwards.

2. High demand of photoshopping skill in UTP, I have allocated some time to have few lessons of using Adobe Photoshop from my teacher. Hope that I know how to use it and don't ever forget it.
It always blank, like this everytime I open it.

3. While waiting for the SIMS 3 to be released, I am now playing O2Jam. Still learning, a beginner. Seem-to-be-simple-but-not-really game needs a lot of training to master it.
Current learning: Cold Scream, Euphorium, Missing, You Are Borned to be Loved

4. Gathering with high school friends since all the high school gang is now graduated from Matriculation already.

5. GAWAI DAYAK celebration which will be on first June. Long time I didn't go back to my long house already, 2 years to be exact.

6. The most anticipated one will be the upcoming SARAWAK TRIP with fellow batchmates of UTP. Can't wait to see you guys over here, in the Land of Hornbill. See you all soon.

Somehow do hope this break will pass by as soon as possible. I can't wait to go back to UTP. =)

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