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Friday, May 8, 2009

Study Smart

Here I am again. Writing this blogpost since it is now my break time. You may think that it is study week, the time we should be studying, it is rather impossible to have time to blog, right? I have thought so, too. Ironically, I have more than enough time to write a single entry for my blog, daily. Wondering, you won’t be staring at your books 24/7, will you? Surely there are times allocated to have break and so. Some may choose to play DoTA; some may go for sports; some may just have plain nap. As for me, I choose to blog. Blogging won’t take much of my time.

Moreover, I discover something, of myself. During day time, my study mood could only last for 2 hours. The spirit only back at night, lasting for about 6 hours. I slept at 4am yesterday and woke up 12pm. Initially, I have arranged my time so that I will be having 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of study, and the rest will be my other miscellaneous routine. The point is, as long as I have 8 hours enough sleep, 8 hours of study, regardless anytime, I still could catch up with my own revision, actually. Guess the main reason I could not follow my own schedule is due to my body nature which is not resilient to fit my time. He has his own time and I can only follow. This is what happening when used to sleep late and woke up late throughout the lecture weeks. My body has adapted to it, already.

Good thing is, all my papers during finals will be in the afternoon. Timetable is on my side. So, practically, I could continue this routine till the end of my finals, for this semester. Just hope for the best. Guess this is the meaning of “study hard, study smart”. Oh well, everyone has their own definition.

*Going to study Differential Equations after this, my beloved subject.
**I miss DE lectures. I miss DE lecturer.

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