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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Study Week begins

Don't know how or what to begin for today's entry. Well, just start off with how did I go through my day. Spending the whole day in IRC to study. Done with Oil & Gas, I could feel nothing except sense of relief and glad to begin my revision. Oh well, actually, I have kind of screwed up my own timetable in which I planned to start at 10. Since I woke up at 9.30, it was postponed to 11. Delaying my own planned schedule. Odd me. There is always unforeseen circumstances.

By the way, was having lunch at V4 cafe today. My meal was rice, veges, and fish. Well, it used to be chicken but just want to try something else. Well, no much choices also actually. Guess what? The fish was not well-cooked. Still could see the trace of blood beneath. Perhaps this is a hint that I should just stick to chicken. Back to IRC, it was kind of hard to resume my study mode. It was so cold and the chill strikes even I was wearing long sleeve UTP thick shirt which is apparently L size. Could not endure any longer, have decided not to go there at night and now I am in my own room.

Since I have screwed my timetable for today, so why not just screwing everything up? Yeah, right. I was revising Physical Chemistry, but it will be my last paper, which is Tuesday of second week. My intuition tells me there is still time for it. Hope it's true. The reason why I have the time to blog now, obviously. Tomorrow will be a brand new start.

Finally get to know some of the coursework mark. I was satisfied with my DE's even though I could have done better. The interview is the culprit for that. I have to work on that. Result for Oil & Gas was out, too for test 1 and energy game. At last, this time my effort is really paid off. I was happy. But, I think I have done badly for my test 2 though, made lots of stupid mistakes, same case for my Physical Chemistry test 2. Should not burn midnight oil, Don't waste those time studying. Should be SLEEPING!

Was having gathering yesterday, sort of barbecue at the pavillion. It was fun, the last gathering for this semester. It has been one and half year. Still have another 3 years to go before graduation. Cherish every moment.


*Miss someone today. :)

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