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Thursday, May 7, 2009


Organic Chemistry textbook remains opened on the bed, together with lecture notes. Have just gone through one chapter. And suddenly, the mood of studying is gone. Just gone with the wind. Don't feel like want to continue. Feel so lazy to proceed to the subsequent chapter. By the way, Acid & Bases is such a boring chapter! Not to say I am good at it, but the concept is too dull for me to know them. Has been exposed to Acid and Bases since form 2, don't feel like want to know more. Enough to know that the product is salt and water.

I am not in the library. I choose to stay in my room today. My bed is in front of me. Don't feel like sleeping either. I am not sleepy. I am not deprived of sleep. Just lack of motivation. Somehow my mind tells me that I still have time to do my preparation, perhaps it is just not today. I have a lot of things yet to be revised. I have not touched Differential Equations, Academic Writing, and Moral Studies. Not even a word. The weather is discouraging also, not so conducive for studying with all those scorching heat. Sound dramatic but it is indeed a bit hot now.

I was just informed that I get selected to become as the assistant head for Journalism department for ELC. Kind of unexpected actually, since I am still a new member and suddenly given a quite big commitment. Anyway, I would really like to say thanks for selecting a nobody like me to become of the committee. It may be just a small post but it means something big to me. Surely will gain lots of experience. (Sound so..... don't know the exact word to describe it.)

Guess that's all, for now.

*Still, don't feel like studying now.

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