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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One Week at Home

It is 27 May. Nothing special about today. It is just that I have been 19's club for exactly one month. But, I still behave like the old me, not that "old", it is the another one. Refuse to grow up so fast, well, being childish is fun. Once you become like your dad, you won't expect yourself to behave like what you are now, will you?

I get myself new addiction lately. One of them is Plurking. Wondering if most of you heard about it. If you see at the side bar, Plurk thingy is the one under "My Updates". Plurking is a kind of social network website. You can make friends from there too. Unlike other typical website, you cannot upload photos or create your shoutout, whatever you can do in Facebook or Friendster. You can only like post a message or text (known as "Plurk"), just like updates accordance to the timeline. What is so fun about that? They include this "karma" feature to evaluate your activity in this website. So, the main goal will be like maximizing your karma. The highest stage will be NIRVANA. Plus, you can also respond to those plurks that your friends make, just like you are commenting on your friends' status in Facebook. The one in Plurk is more interactive, with emoticons. By the way, you can modify the layout as well. The one below is mine.

Yes, I am a TITANIC fanatic. What can I say?
Join Plurk here, if you feel want to. Just for the fun of it.

Restaurant City, a new application that I have just added few days ago, in Facebook. It is so addictive even though it seems to be like a simple game. This game just reminds me of The Sims. Can't wait for The Sims 3! Back to the story, the game is about creating your own restaurant, hiring your own employee to run it. Also, trying to get ingredients to serve the meals for your customers.
For those who are playing the game, I need tomatoes!

I get addicted to play O2Jam. I am a no-no piano player but playing this game makes feel like one. But, even I only have 7 buttons to hit, the game is never easy. Keep on playing Identity and Identity II (the lowest level, of course). I don't have Identity III.

This is the picture for those who miss me. :) The picture is taken today.
I just have my hair cut right after I reached home. I prefer short hair over long hair, although I am kind of losing hair at the same time. I am wearing UTP T-shirt as my pyjamas. Long sleeves, what? The guy in red shirt and wears glasses, he is my brother, the second son. Currently in form 5.

*Dad is now back at home after being hospitalized for few days due to Malaria. Glad that everything is fine now.
**You (you know who you are) don't feel bad over anything. You are among the nicest person that I will always remember. ^_^


... said...

ur bro looks like craxuan..found sem 2 guy. dunno his real name. btw..jz take the pic donw.!! no on e misses u

Steward Baba said...

I know it is you, Graham. Need to hide yourself anymore. I know you won't miss me. :P

... said...

who say i was hidng?? haha. been using the ... name for my profile since i got it

Steward Baba said...

Oh, din realise that your name is *triple dots". :P