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Friday, May 1, 2009

End of April

How time flies. 30-day April passed by, just like that. It is a whole new month called May. What a nice name for the month. Shall not forget, Mother's Day is coming soon!

Suppose to have Organic Chemistry lecture this morning but due to some technical errors, the class was postponed to next Tuesday. Wondering, I can't believe I am saying this but for the first time, I don't detest Piven. Why? Not only he allows us to take replacement quiz in which he claimed that he would give us zero last time, he also canceled the test 3 that we should sit for today! At last, he is doing something, well, that makes us feel contented. Okay, to think again, he is not really that bad anyway.

Back to the room, online my Gtalk and sensed something is not right with Laura and Liang Yi's Gtalk shoutout. Dare not to make my own conclusion, I asked Liang Yi about it. God, my speculation was right. Our Chindian rabbit pet, Amber, which was like only 2 weeks, has passed away. How sad. I just saw her on Wednesday night. Now she was gone. May rest in peace, Amber. Although I only get to spend litte time with you, surely will miss you. :)

Was busy looking for group members for Energy Game in which we need to pass up the report by next Tuesday. Man, I really hate last minute job. Towards the end of the semester, and this thing pops up. It has just ruined my plan studying. Oil and Gas on next Tuesday, as well. I was like, what the... Anyway, I will stay cool, as usual. By the way, if you have time, try to play this game. Challenge you to get the lowest impact as possible. You will understand when you access to the website.

Oh ya, yesterday was Louisa's Birthday.

It was also actually birthday of my cousin. Grew up together since small, we have been very close as if we are brothers and sister.

By the way, received a birthday card from other members of "The Gang of Four" towards the end of my birthday, a late surprise. Thanks, Wee Kheng, Lian Hung, and Yi Herng. And to Serena too, for treating me ice-cream yesterday.

Going to Ipoh tomorrow. Long time didn't have a real day out. Should have one now.

Okay. It is a whole new month. Next week will be study week and final starts on 11 May. Wish me luck. Wish all my batchmates luck!

Going back home on 20 May but leaving UTP on 19 May. Yay!

*Book Fair is postponed. So, consider postponing the date I come back to UTP.
**Feel so incomplete today. Somehow something is missing...

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