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Monday, May 25, 2009

January 2009 Memories

Every semester has been a memorable one, including this semester. I have gone through quite a lot in this 4 months time. Things that I get to experience, moments that I get to cherish. I get to live every single second that I have, I suppose. My mindset changes ever since I stepped into undergraduate studies. It is kind of drastic change, I can say. Not physically, but in terms of mentality and emotionally. I am still an emotional guy though, that is my inborn personality.

Frankly, my Foundation life was a miserable one, I would say, especially the second semester. Guess that I hold on for too long, and that is the culprit that causes the hurt, pain, loneliness, whatever pathetic term that you could think of throughout that period. It was a hard time. Nevertheless, as time goes by, I learn to be stronger, day by day, to endure the unpleasant feeling. I really have to thank my friends who are always there for me. I thank to God that I have someone to turn to when I was down. The ones who have changed me, indirectly, and become the positive and confident of me today, I hope. Even so, the first half of this semester, I mean, before the mid semester break, the Foundation drama almost repeated itself though but, at least I have learnt to bear with those. Think that I am still blind and innocent, thought that thing can go as you want it to. Apparently, that is not the way it works, unfortunately.

Alright, let go all those negative stuff and remember those good moment. Well, since this is my very first semester for my undergraduate studies, meaning that we get to spend more time with our own coursemates compared to Foundation. This is true when it comes to lab session. ME, EE, PE & CV won't be dealing with toluene, hydrochloric acids, GC et cetera, do they?

Our very first lab session - Physical Chemistry Lab

Towards the end of February, we were having Foundation Graduation Dinner at Water Sanctuary Resort (something like that). Nice venue but not the food. Somemore it was raining that day, and it didn't make thing any better. Well, it didn't stop us from taking pictures though.

7 February, it was Sze Mei's birthday. I remember this day because we went to Taiping to watch Chinese Orchestra performance from Taiwan. The last performance was somewhat boring though because it was very long-winded.
Before heading back to campus, I still can recall that we went mamak-ing at the stall by the roadside. What have I ordered? That one I don't remember. I just know that it was around 1am when we have reached our hostel.

Soaring The Eagle, by far, is the most memorable moment for me. I really gain much from the camp. It is not about mere Total Well Being (TWB), I get to know the real meaning of true friendship. =)

I would say this is the camp has changed me ever since, in a positive way. My blindness is faded. Ignorance is diminished. :)

Proceed to subsequent month, well, it is the lovely month, doesn't it? It's April! My birthday month. I would say this year is the best celebration in UTP, even though didn't have a real celebration. It is the moment that I get to spend with friends and the thought that counts. Before I forget, the early of this month, we went to Praise Girls' Home for our Moral Social Work. Since Yi Herng has already blogged about it, I was thinking of uploading the video into YouTube and embedded it here. Well, I only have the chance to do it now. Needless to explain the reason.

I was really impressed by the senior there. Despite that she is being abandoned by her parents, she doesn't complaint. They have strong faith in God. They believe God has plan for them. They love their God as much as God loves them. I really admire their gratitude and faith. We, the fortunate folks, still whine and whine. Everything is never enough for us.

When it comes to May, well, the heat of final exam is on and everyone is going crazed over it. Nothing in particular to talk about it. If you have been reading my old posts, it likes a series of events; from the post I complaint about Oil & Gas till the end of my final. It is all stated there, every detail, every inch of each moment.

The highlight for this semester is that I manage to get myself a special friend. People like to use the term "best friend" but to me, "Special friend" is somewhat preferable. It is so hard to find a friend that really understand you and will never let you down. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and hurt your feeling. He never does. Well, this is what makes my friend special. And I only realized after STE. He has always been there. Every moment that I get to spend with him is more meaningful that the time I get to spend with my roomie, like whole day long. Oh well, unfortunately that is the not case if you know who is my roommate. He always makes me feel contented, merely by his presence. Even so, I am scared, from what I see that happens to my friends. Thing could change drastically. Really hope thing won't change. Hope this does not sound weird, but I miss him everyday. =)

Get this from Justin's blog. And he gets it from someone else.
Best friends are friends,

who will accompany you all the while, no matter what time it is
who will turn up even though you didn't ask
who will wait for your call without asking you to call
who will take initiative to keep in touch with you
who will spend the time with you even though he has something more important to do
who will constantly message you to comfort you
who will worry you more than himself
who will try to diverge your focus to make you happy
who will reply to you even though he already sleeps
who will say sorry because he couldn't make it
who will spread the news for you even though you didn't ask
who will send you regards when you really need it

I am trying to.

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