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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fragile Friendship

Guess that the mood for me to write blog only comes when it is midnight. The fact is, I only have the mood to do things around this hour: washing the dishes (if being asked), cleaning the toilet (if being asked), ironing the shirt (if being asked or own will), studying (if have to) et cetera. I think I am a nocturnal creature in the form of homo sapien. Humans wake up at 8am, I wake up at 2pm; they sleep before twelve (should be), I only start to yawn when the sun about to rise. Enough said.

Yesterday I was chatting with a good friend and he was sharing his problem with me. I am a no-no advisor but I am a good listener. It seems like everyone has dilemma when it comes to friendship. Friendship, how would we define it? It is a relationship between two or more persons which requires no conditions to be built upon. We need not trade anything for the friendship we make. All we need is only, well, ourselves and I would say above all is, sincerity. Some are just being mere friends. Some become close of yours, and some turn out to be special ones that you treasure so dearly. Some, well, become more than just friends. There are many level of friendship, I can say. Even so, that does not mean, we cannot care for all. We can. We always can. It is not the matter of time, how long you have known each other or still stay in touch. Friendship comes purely from your heart, the sincerity of making friends. It is the matter how much you still care for one another.

Well, not every friendship has good ending despite the beginning is so wonderful.
Back in primary school, I used to have a very close buddy. We spent most of time together; in class, recess time, everything. Both of us would always stick together. Even back at home, we usually phoned just to crap stuff. Even though I was away to Peninsular for 2 years, our friendship never faded when I returned. And this closeness remained until form 3. The entire sudden, thing started to change. It is not me who changed, it was him. Ever since PMR, he totally became another person. He seemed to lose his way. I can no longer recognize who is him. He is not a friend that I used to know. And so, our closeness started to diminish, day by day. Form 4 and 5, we didn’t spend much time as before. I am not sure whether I have to feel sad that our friendship has to be this way, until today even though none of us has wronged each other. No one betrayed anyone. It is just that, I don’t know what to say. He is the one who changes, not me. I still can recall that he added me in Friendster but I didn’t even know it was him since he was using nickname and the profile picture, is so different compared the last time I ever met him. I hardly hear from him now. Anyway, do hope he is doing fine now although each of us is going separate way. Guess everyone has his choice. He has his and I have mine. Only he himself can help him, no one else.

When I think back, everything is just so odd. I mean, you are so close to someone. Wait, let me do the correction. You WERE so close to someone and within a short time, distant between two friends can just progress unnoticeably, until a certain extent that, we hardly talk anymore. Just like being acquaintance, back to square one. This is very saddening and disappointing, I would say. Those who get to experience this, would not feel really good when thinking about it. Friendship is fragile, don’t you think? If both parties take thing for granted; being ignorant and blind (when I was used to be); no one is being considerate and sensitive and list goes on, relationship won’t really last long. Ask yourself: short-term friendship or long-term relationship? It is all your choice.

Sometime I am worried. Sometime I am scared, eventhough I have special friend that I truly trust. Somehow I do know that he won't change. May be I think too much. I always tell myself that all I need to do is to believe. If I don’t believe, I won’t get anything. If I believe, I won’t lose anything either.

This is just my thought. You know that I always care. =)

*When we are close, we are busy. When we are free, we are distant. Even so, you never fail to make me laugh. And, I am still laughing. Thank you for making my day. :)
**Friendship is a promise made in the heart. Silent. Unwritten. Unbreakable by distance. Unchangeable by time. Don't ever break the promise.


lawlaw said...

cool post..

Steward Baba said...

Thanks! =)

... said...

if i said lame post..wud u say thanks??
i know ur answer wud be yes although u wud wanna give a no?
don anwer the question. or ui cud if u want to. haha
aren't i confusig u?/
i know u wud say no although u wud actually wanna say yes.
it's the whole upkeeping of public image thing. and i know ur gonna deny this although in truth u believe it. haha
nvm bout this. haha
do a post on this. it wud be really cool.!!!thank me later when u get great comments for tht post

Steward Baba said...

To be frank you, it is up to you to judge, as long as you don't judge me from the post, it is good enough. And this is the truth. ;)

It could be a lame post but at least, this is my sincere opinion. So, I don't really mind.

Thanks for your comment.